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@H|H Regular Guidelines, FF2 Perks & Reg Admin
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Author:  The |H|H| [ Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  @H|H Regular Guidelines, FF2 Perks & Reg Admin

@H|H Regular Guidelines
Congratulations and thank you for becoming a regular in the Hampshire Heavies gaming community. We all want to have fun enjoying the games we love to play, to help make that happen we have a few basic server rules which are pretty much common sense and common courteous. In addition to those rules please try to keep to the following guidelines.

  • Try to maintain a friendly and positive atmosphere on the server by discouraging bad attitudes in a diplomatic way. Don't fight fire with fire.
  • Be helpful to new players on our servers.
  • Don't discriminate other players based on their age, gender and ethnicity. A good attitude is all that matters.
  • Treat other players with the same respect that you would wish to receive.
  • If teams are unbalanced, then do what you can do even them out.
  • Promote team work by communicating with other players or changing to a class that your team is lacking.
  • Report anyone that you consider to be cheating to a |H|H| admin, preferable via steam friends or on the forum. Please supply a SteamID and where possible record a demo. Try to avoid confronting them on the server as generally it doesn't do any good and only gives them attention, which it's likely that they are seeking.
  • Get more involved in the community. Join our mumble server, post on the forum, organise events or whatever you think would benefit or add to the community.

FF2 @H|H Regulars
As a @H|H regular playing on our FF2 server you receive extra privileges and responsibilities. You are able to instigate a vote to mute or gag another player with !votemute and !votegag. Please don't abuse these commands, only vote mute or gag players that are being abusive and don't respond to reason. All actions are logged.

The @H|H tag is automatically added to your nick when using in game chat. You also receive various damage bonuses and weapon tweaks (e.g. laser-guided rockets), for a complete list type !reg in chat whilst on the FF2 server.

HH5 and Reg Admin
Thanks for your support from all at the HH, it is very much appreciated. As a thank you to all you friendly folk that make up the Hampshire Heavies loyal community we have decided to make HH5 the official @H|H regulars server! A place to organise and manage community matches, learn admin functions, etc.

Add tf2.thehh.co.uk:27055 to your server favourites!

All @H|H regulars now automatically get @H|H admin status on HH5, as long as we have a valid SteamID for you.

To use the administration facility bind a key to 'sm_admin', and then use this key to bring up the admin menu.

To do this open the in-game console and type bind "key" sm_admin where key is a key :)

@H|H admin status only applies to HH5.

@H|H admin status allows you to do the following; kick other players, ban players, change the map, execute config files (limited to a match config or standard config) and start or create votes.

@H|H admin status does not allow things like banning, enabling cheats or setting a server password.

However, with this comes some responsibility. All admin actions on the server are logged. Any reported abuse of this status will result in the removal of admin status from the offending person.

We all want to have fun playing on the servers and we hope this new initiative will only increase this enjoyment, whilst improve the quality of the games played by allowing you to quickly and effectively deal with any problems.

If you think that you should have @H|H admin status but don't, then please check that you have your valid STEAMID in your user settings here>> http://www.thehh.co.uk/usersettings.php . After doing this then please wait for up to 1 hour for the @H|H admin status to be enabled.

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